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The Dotted Line

Everything’s covered in holes. Not the rat-chewed-through-the-sheets kinda holes. Intentional, strategically placed holes. Like eyelet, but not as sugary. If you’re considering a change this summer, get perforated. Dunham china by Ralph Lauren (from Vogue Living) Meri Side Table at High Fashion Home Sheets from Garnet Hill – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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Faux Bois for Mois!

As our world heads away from the space age to the more earthy eco-chic, the entire aesthetic of design has shifted. Not only do accessories have to be environmentally healthy, but it helps if they look the part as well. I know I’ve already write a couple of blogs on hot faux bois accessories on the market, but with so many great new options coming out, yet again, I can’t…

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Fashion vs. Furniture

Once again, you can look to your wardrobe to inspire your home decor and vice versa. Although, this time around, your dressers and bookcases are doing to work. Take your cues from the pieces we love and the pieces you have to make your look totally cohesive. You’ll be that completely “together” friend that all your friends look up to (aka “are jealous of”).Look #1:You’ve led a privileged life and…

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Sprig: Good Wood for a Green and Gorgeous Home

Legian Bed: Harvested mahogany combined with a stunning design. was kind enough to highlight our Legian Bed. If you haven’t checked out their site, it’s pretty cool.’s mission is to find eco-friendly alternative products without compromising great style and design. If you like shopping green, think of as your very own personal eco-shopper. – Unique Furniture and Accessories for the Eclectic, Modern Lifestyle.

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Brilliant Book of the Week:

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted—again! I have found an awesome sustainable living book for you though so I hope that makes up for my tardiness. I’m sure almost everyone is green-ed out by now but it’s not a fad that will go away anytime soon. So basically we all have to suck it up and take it. 🙂 Now, this book that I chose happens…

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How To: Be Prepared for Unexpected Guests

There you are, sitting on the sofa enjoying the company of a good book and a cold glass of lemonade when the phone rings. A friend wants to “drop by” and stay for a “couple of nights”. That’s okay, right? You wish you hadn’t answered the phone. Unexpected (read: uninvited) guests happen. And when they do, up goes the blood pressure. There are things you can do to be prepared.…

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My Green Hero: Ami McKay

If you’ve been a reader of our humble blog for a while, you might remember my previous post about Pure by Ami McKay. Well, Ms. McKay certainly isn’t one to rest on her laurels because, since that post, her line has exploded! After a few back and forth emails, I got the scoop on Ami’s furniture line, her passion for finding inspiration and a potential singing career?! Read on… Many…

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HF Weekly Obsession: Writer’s Block

Sometimes furniture surprises you. What seems like one thing turns out to be another thing completely. Take, for example, this:An unassuming chest of drawers (though quite beautiful). But, turn the top key and… Surprise! Hidden drawers to store your writing treasures. Though they are a bit hard to reach. Let me just… Ah, there we go! What was previously a chest of drawers to hold mundane things like socks and…

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Blogs We “Heart”: Notcot

I have a confession. I am addicted to the blog It is not a secret to anyone who knows me well, or those who pass by my desk at work and catch me drooling over every new post. I am equally as smitten with the sister sites and as well as the original I am almost too greedy to post this in case everyone else has…

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The HF List: Five Trends That Make Me Cringe (and five that I’ll always love)

All things fashion come and go. Remember Madonna’s major cone bra? And those platform boots with the goldfish in them? So, maybe we’d prefer not to remember some things. Interior design is just like fashion design. There are trends that come in and out of style. Just like you might cringe when you see someone in a hideous outfit, you may also cringe when you step into a home that…

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