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French Decadence: Le BelleChasse

I just flipped through the June issue of Metropolitan Home, when I landed on this page stopper. Number 49 on the Design 100 list was none other than Hotel Le BelleChasse. This immaculate hotel is located blocks from the Musee d’Orsay. The decor is seemlingly straight out of a Tim Burton movie. Fashion designer, Christian LaCroix, has created such a striking and diverse palette of imagery with antiques, contemporary art, playing cards, and Renaissance architecture. The colors, angles, textures, and styles are blended seamlessly to form a visual tour de force.

Who really thinks of incorporating insects and geometric shapes on wall paper? It works.

Beautiful pinks, blacks, and whites are taken straight from Lacroix’s apparel fashion world.

There are so many rich visuals going on, yet there is an underlying calm to the room.

Clean, modern aesthetics combined with a Bohemian feel.

Gorgeous, velvet tufted chairs in the lobby.

I had to look twice to make sure the lush visuals were actually real! The mix and match dining chairs should be more utilized in the home decor world.

The illustrations do a wonderful job in capturing the exaggerated beauty of the hotel.
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