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Rooms We Love… Most!

I recently uploaded some new rooms into the “Rooms We Love” category. Feel free to check them out at your leisure, but just to whet your appetite, here are some of my favorites.

This picture from the December/January issue of Domino magazine features Amanda Peet’s home. Her entryway is great. A bit industrial with lots of cool books and vintage textures. A large mirror, a couple small pictures, and a chair finish the industrial chic look.

These are two of my favorite bold colors: coral and royal blue. This room belongs in a castle in Russia, in my opinion.

I don’t see stained glass much these days, but it’s so beautiful- especially on aged white wood. If you like the look, try antique shops which frequently have small stained glass panels that can be hung in front of a window.

It’s certainly a change for the old picnic standby that is gingham. I would never have thought to use gingham in such a formal room, but it works so well with the gold and crystal details.

To me, this room screams bohemian relaxation. From the casually wrinkled sheets to the drapey white curtains I would love to lounge across the bed with a good book and some tea.

Snowy white and blood red are a dramatic mix in this dining room. I love the clean look of this room with the slightly rustic nature of the table. It’s absolutely decadent!

I would love to dine in this restaurant. Quiet, earthy furniture is illuminated by shimmery tiled columns illuminated by chandeliers encased in glass. It’s simple and elegant.

I hope I have a girl someday! I find it funny that Amanda Peet writes that she’s a born copier because I would love to copy her idea! I think making your baby’s room bright and cold is so refreshing from the usual pastel I see.

Although this room seems very cold to me, I think the contrast between the dark table and clear chairs is perfect. I also love the patchwork pillow on the sofa. Pops of color would go a long way in this room.

This one is my favorite right now. Sunshine yellow drapes allowing sunlight to shine on a little sleeping girl reminds me of pictures from my childhood. Yellow is an underused color in decorating, so take my advice and inject a little into your home!

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