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Maximum Impact

The study in the home of Carolina Herrera Jr. Vogue Living

There are always two sides to the coin. Some scream “Less is more!” Others cry “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” These rooms have me agreeing with the latter. There’s no need for your living room to be shy, even if you are. Pick an outgoing fabric and run with it. Wallpaper, drapes, furniture- even your outfit! Avoid animal prints which can up the tacky factor, and focus on something abstract. Also, limit the number of colors in your pattern. One color with a neutral base prevents your room from taking on that Barnum & Bailey quality. It’s just no fun if you don’t go a little bit overboard! Invite your friends over and watch their jaws drop!

The living room in the home of Serena Rees,
designer for Agent Provocateur. Domino Feb ’08

Left: Robert Cary Williams transformed Anna Dove‘s “Rose Garden at Night” wallpaper into a dress for London Fashion Week. Right: Anna Dove’s “Rose Garden at Night” wallpaper.

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