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Celebrity Style

Normally when I pick up a magazine featuring the home of a celebrity I like, I end up disappointed. Most of the ones I see just lack personality, looking like the star had nothing to do with the decor inside. I just found the exception to the rule. Domino Magazine’s December/January 2008 issue features the home of the lovely Amanda Peet. Not only does her house look like someone actually lives in it, it has style in every corner. She blends a variety of colors without making it look matchy-matchy. 

Every room has a burst of color surrounded by airy whites and neutrals. The look is organic, clean, and California cool.

My favorite room has to be the room she created for her baby girl. While it’s definitely girly, it still has an air of sophistication by resisting the pastels and going for the gusto with hot fuschia.

Grouping photos and art as she’s done above is so easy to do and has a great effect. It doesn’t require large paintings- just simply framed photos of family with a few pieces of eclectic art thrown in.

If you haven’t picked up this issue of Domino yet, drop everything and get it now. The house is packed with ideas to inspire. And that’s precisely what I’m here to do- point you in the direction of inspiration.

Fun Fact: I met Amanda Peet while working at Club Monaco in New York City and she’s very nice.

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